Meetup on the 4th of April, 2017 /

IceHawk - a PHP 7+ micro framework

An introduction of IceHawk and its CQRS approach for HTTP based web applications.

Holger Woltersdorf

Static Sites in PHP? Simple With Statie

What to use to manage open-source websites, with community and PHP? Like I will show a tool, that is easy to scale, use and explain - Statie. It will stay simple, I promise. Free "https" included.

Tomas Votruba

Architecture Kata

How can we learn to create better architectures?

Frank Sons

PHPUnit & Selenium made easy

Not only unit tests but also end-to-end tests in real browser are important part of test automation and test pyramid So let's have a look how to easily write and run Selenium functional tests using PHPUnit and Steward.

Ondrej Machulda

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