Meetup on the 3rd of February, 2015 /

Introduction to RabbitMQ

Do you need to process thousands of images in the background for your web app?

Do you need to share data across multiple applications, probably written in different languages and sitting at different servers?

Your real time data feed is becoming slow because you are polling the database constantly for new data updates?

Do you need to scale information processing during peek times?

What about deploying new features with zero downtime? If any of these problems sound familiar then you probably need to use messaging in your application.

In this talk I will introduce RabbitMQ, a messaging and queue server that can help us tackle those problems. We will learn the benefits of a Queue Server and see how to integrate messaging into our applications. With this talk we hope that the term 'decoupling' gets a new, broader, meaning.

Alvaro Videla

A CouchDB replication endpoint in PHP

This talk shows how I implemented a replication endpoint for the CouchDB replication protocol in PHP. This makes it possible to use about any backend as a synchronization point for Offline-First HTML5 applications powered by tools like PouchDB or TouchDB.

You will also be able to replicate a CouchDB database into a MySQL database or vice-versa. The growing amount of endpoints for this protocol in different languages and environments suggests that the CouchDB replication protocol might evolve as a standard for eventual consistent multi-master replication.

Kore Nordmann

Composer update

Slimmed down version of my FOSDEM talk "Dependency Management with Composer: PHP Reinvented". Covers some random composer advice, semver, version constraints and composer update options. Short and sweet. Followed by ask anything you ever wanted to know about Composer and maybe some answers if I or the audience know them.

Nils Adermann

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