Meetup on the 6th of May, 2014 /

Profiling with Xdebug and xhProf

I will show how to install both PHP extensions and how the profiling works.

Nicole Cordes

Multi-Model Databases

In many modern applications the database side is realized using polyglot persistence – store each data format (graphs, documents, etc.) in an appropriate separate database. This approach yields several benefits, databases are optimized for their specific duty, however there are also drawbacks:

  • keep all databases in sync
  • queries might require data from several databases
  • experts needed for all used systems

A multi-model database is not restricted to one data format, but can cope with several of them. In this talk i will present how a multi-model database can be used in a polyglot persistence setup and how it will reduce the effort drastically.

Michael Hackstein

Introducing dox

Your friendly neighbourhood browser for executable specification.

Nikolas Martens

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