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Daniel Fahlke aka @Flyingmana


For when all else fails …

Stephan Hohmann

Do you manually upgrade to Symfony 4? Let Rector take care of

I hear the same quesiton over and over again: How to do that in new version of ?

Knowledge is golden, but what if this can me embodies to a tool? A tool like composer, that will not install packages, but upgrade your application accordingly.

Thanks to PHP 7.0 and AST, a new door opened. Door for RectorPHP. Great addition to you team, who will handle 80 % of upgrades for you!

Tomas Votruba (CZE)

Welcome to the Berlin PHP Usergroup

Next Meetup: December 5th, 2017, Opening at 7:00 pm, Start at 7:30pm.

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